Can You Write Like This?


Can You Write Like This?

The photo you are looking at is something that was written by a student of mine.

Could you do better than this? It took him 2 lessons with me at home to get this right.

He was 12 at the time!


A little direct speech for you…


A little direct speech for you...

Written reasonably well, and making a point as well. I wonder if you might get something like this in the exam? Doubtful, but knowing this government, you never know…

Radio Scripts


Radio Scripts

2 years ago, the exam board slipped a task in that no teacher had ever taught before in terms of how to write one. It was not a requirement and as a result, marks went down as students guessed what to do next in the exam.

It was a lesson in expecting the unexpected, but just in case, here is an example of a section B piece of writing.

Do you think you could do this in 35 minutes? It was worth the most marks in the 2012 exam!