Abusers & Trolls

In recent weeks there have been some very disturbing messages seen on here so I have taken the option of closing down the message board to admin, or the comment section at the bottom. Thousands of spam messages have been hitting my inbox in the last 9 months and the last one, or should I say, the last four, all from the same person, were abusive. I think Facebook calls such a person a “Troll” but I call them an absolute idiot who deserves to fail his examination in the coming days.

Now, there is not an option any more to ask me for help. If you can use the posts on here, please feel free but I will not allow such abuse any longer. Of course, there is the Facebook facility and I welcome ideas and questions. At least if said moron decides to try his luck there, all he will do is show what kind of tool he really is and then get blocked. Abusers and Trolls beware. Your grades will catch you out.

And for the rest, the hard working students out there, God bless you and go an do your best in this coming exam. If you have worked hard, you deserve to pass with a C or higher. Well done to all who get what they deserve in August when the results come out.