Mockingbird – 2015 Sample CA Title

Explore the ways Harper Lee presents the differences between the Ewell and Finch families and the significance of these differences in To Kill A Mockingbird.

When I saw this title I nearly had heart failure – what a title to get a group to do. But the question, as always, is how to get them from the point where they have read the book to the point where they can write an answer to this task. Now that is not an easy task for a teacher, I can tell you.

So, here is tip number 1, the numero uno tip of the year: as soon as you start the GCSE course, find out what the title is of the set text you are to study and READ THE THING!

It is that simple really.

The chances are you will not have to actually do anything on it, so if it is Of Mice and Men, or Mockingbird, or Mr Pip, whatever it is, get it read and completed by the end of October in the academic year. You will see the benefit.

Then when your teacher says something like \”right, we are now going to study Book X, you just sit there and think “okay.” Do nothing at that point, especially bragging that you have read it. Then, as your teacher brings you resources about themes, topics, plot structure etc, your knowledge can increase as you prepare for the assessment title.

When you then get the title, you need to do several things:

  1. Look at the wording. There are always key words to look for. In this one, they are explore, presents, differences and These will need to be charted in a spidergram picture or something to fully get the ideas out.
  2. You need to PLAN this essay in full, selecting quotes that are no more than 10 words long. This is important when sliding them into PEE[D] chains mentioned elsewhere in this blog. You will need to know how to write these so check out my other pages.
  3. You will need to select an order to your essay. Structure is vital for success; I care not what anyone says on this one. Without it, do not expect a C grade. With it, you can get the magical A*.
  4. When all that is done, type up a DRAFT Work on all the inaccuracies to get it right. Then learn it.
  5. Then, create a plot diagram, spidergram etc, for the front sheet of the CA [final year is 2016 for this. After that, you will need to write a plan diagram in the exam as it will all be exam from 2017 exams onwards.

And then of course, you are ready to rumble!

So, what would I put in this thing? Good question!

Well how about:

Father led, no mother; Cal helps

2 children; Jem and Scout

Good father

Role model

Lawyer so has to be

Perfect role model in USA at that time when inequalities led to lynchings of black people for no reason

Well mannered father and respected

Kids learn from him

Community served by him

Respected by white and black community

Father led, no mother, no help apart from Mayella

Lots of kids; 2 mentioned – Mayella and Burris

Bad father

Not really a role model and having bad effect on Burris given his day in school

Not in work and permanent drunkard and sluggard

Imperfect role model – a symbol of everything bad in the American Dream at that time

Badly mannered, hates the blacks with a vengeance

Kids will learn from him but only bad things

The community exists to ignore the bad things that the Ewells get up to. This is explained by Atticus to the children he has at home.

There is enough to go on there for you.

Have a go yourself at finding quotes for this title and these ideas. Then have a go at the essay and share it here.