It’s That Time Of Year

Yes, August is here and we are all waiting for our results, come the third week in August usually, if you are in the UK. I am not sure when they are awarded in other countries. Perhaps you can inform me through the Facebook page.

But we are waiting, wanting with one breath for the 23rd, or whatever date it is this year, to come round and in the next breath thinking hang on, maybe I do not wish to know how badly I did. 

It all depends on our outlook in life doesn’t it?

Which one are you, the cup is half full of milk sort of person, or the cup is half empty?

Well, the answer to that may help you for the future, should you need it, post August 23rd. If you get the 4, or the C as we used to know it since I was a lad, then hurrah for you, but spare a thought for those on the day who will be dismayed.

On my day, back in 1992, as a mature student [30 and doing GCSEs was fun] I bounced down the stairs with three ‘bullets’ in my possession. That’s Yorkshire for Grade A. English language is weird!

I was so elated.

But then, I walked outside and saw a friend crying. He had scored D grade [3 in the new spec] all the way through every subject and he would have to do it all again.

Do not despair if this is you. Do it again. Keep doing it until you master it and get that grade. In the words of the Commander in Galaxy Quest, Never Give Up. Never Surrender!

I truly hope your results day is a good one. Be blessed!