Sometimes, when you need to think about something, or remember something important, we use something called mnemonics, like acronyms, to aid our memory. In college, we have used APPIL before now, meaning Audience, Purpose, Presentation, Information and Language. At other times, we have used PEED chains, for Point, Evidence, Explanation and Development.

Today I saw this one, based on another theme entirely, but it made me think, how about making up your own memory aids for this subject? If so, what would they be? Here is the one I saw earlier on Facebook.


At the end of the day, these things help us to remember but they also help us to plan as well. Imagine you have to write something creative, say an account of when you had to make an important decision which is a title from a previous written exam. How would you plan it?

You could use one of these aids here, so I challenge you now to come up with one that can be used as a universal acronym/aid/mnemonic.  When you have it, please add it to the FB site for this page so we can discuss it openly and fairly.

Go on. Have a go at being creative right now as you prepare for the coming GCSE year.