Rules For Writing

Regardless of whatever task you are expected to do in section B of any of the English exams, they usually involve writing something that has some detail and/or some semblance of creativity, that may, or may not, involve certain rules for writing. If you follow the rules to the letter, then assuming you create something good, you will score heavily in this section, making it possible to mess up a section A question a little and still walk away with a C grade over all.

But what are those rules? I could give you all the answers here, but I choose not to. Instead, you have three photos beneath this that are from the Dan Brown book, Inferno. I have screenshot them for you for you to read them and select as many rules as you possibly can. I will give you a clue as to rule number 1. It has been mentioned by me on this site on more than one occasion and has to do with paragraphing, so I want you to make a list like this:

#RULE 1       Indented paragraphing is needed [state how and where]

#RULE 2      [you continue here with your list]

Here are the three screenshots. You should be able to get at least 6 rules selected. NB to teachers, this could make a good classroom activity.




See how many rules you can come up with. If you can manage ten of them, you are doing well.