Speaker’s Corner – 2015 CA

Speakers’ Corner: Write the script of a piece intended to be read on local radio in which you voice your strong opinions on a subject of your own choice.

Okay, so a teacher makes the mistake about choosing this one. He or she thinks there will be a variety of thoughts and emotions coming out in the writing. Boy are they in for a shock!

What are the choices available to us? Well for a start there are the right wing bigots out there who think they can write about ISIS and the turmoil in the Middle East. If they are uber religious and haters, you can guess what kind of writing AQA and the likes will have to read through. Someone who is of the sensitive kind will mark down any papers that are bigoted in their viewpoints.

Then there is the whole idea about the World wide debt situation and the government deciding to pay off the deficit to balance the budgets [USA and UK respectively]. You can imagine the furore such a subject might bring out of people in their writing. Once again, this becomes a very touchy subject to write about and one that will bring out the somethingists of this world. Woe betide any teacher choosing this one then.

Or perhaps there is the possibility to write about the plight in the Middle East and the notion of the New World Order? Oh my word, what a choice. Every conspiracy theorist out there will see this as a chance to vent their emotions and feelings. If this was entitled, as it was two years ago, Don’t Get Me Started, then you can imagine the words that would appear on the page.

Should a teacher choose this? I think not.

But if they do, then there are better subjects to choose from, such as abortion and the right to end a life in this manner. It is an argument that in this case is to be one sided; yes a venting of feelings, but one that can be controlled in such a manner as to bring about something that could be aired on public radio. After all, look at the title again; it is to be aired in public on the radio. So be careful but let your words do the talking. I have rules I set to these CAs and I would advise the same for you – no swearing of any kind and absolutely no hate words! Both suggest a lack of vocabulary in you and a bigoted outlook on life.

But it does not mean you cannot have fun with this one if the teacher chooses it. Being mostly High School Year 11s who will take this test, I would advise choosing something within school life, possibly the way parents and society tend to view getting results and achieving in the world of academia to be the way forward. Not everyone is a brain box after all. Not everyone will get A*s in the exam and go to university. We need trained and experienced people in life to lead the lifestyles and do the other jobs for us; plumbers, bricklayers, electricians etc.

So perhaps your piece could be on how us ‘oldies’ tend to pigeon hole the young into going to university and ending up 20k in debt with no chance of a job, when at 16 or 18 they could be working?

Who knows, this could get the grade you seek, C or above!