Should Social Networking Sites Be Banned?

After seeing this morning’s Higher tier paper and section B tasks, I was reminded of this from last year’s coursework. It seems that AQA have added a coursework idea into the exam this year. Interesting idea and I wonder if they will do the same next year? If so, then there may be something on how music has shaped your life so far [soundtrack of my life?].

With that in mind, here is a resource I used last year, with the link where it comes from. Enjoy!


It wasn’t that long ago when I took to this space and wrote about the batshit woman who set someone’s house on fire over a Facebook argument relating to party planning.

About a year ago I wrote about the toddler who drowned while his distracted mother played around on Facebook.  And another baby was shaken to death for daring to disrupt his mother’s turnip harvesting time by crying.

Look, I get it – Facebook is a playground full of distractions from an otherwise boring, stressful, unfulfilling life.  Racking up coins, piles of tomatoes, or dead vampire bodies certainly makes the time fly and life worth living.

But now comes the story of a double murder over – are you ready?  Stop harvesting for a moment and focus – a Facebook defriending.

Yes, two people lay dead –  Billy Clay Payne, Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth – bullets in their brains – because they dared to defriend the daughter of one of the killers. That daughter, poor Jenelle Potter, just couldn’t take the insult of being defriended and her pops came to her defence.

Let me stress that while Facebook is the new battleground in the bullying war, where middle schoolers with barely a pube on their crotches torment one another, and where high schoolers think every fart they fart is a diamond worth posting about – the people involved in this story ARE ADULTS. At least according to their birth certificates.

Jenelle – late 20s to early 30s – lives with her parents and is constantly on Facebook. Maybe that should read, Jenelle lives on Facebook while under the roof of her parents and her court record history is as long as my winning streak on Bejewelled.  All of it tied to complaints of her harassment of people who have defriended her.

Paging Mark Z – perhaps you could take a mome away from counting your billions to develop a way to permanently boot whack jobs like Jenelle from FB?  Surely, when access to your website causes a mental twig to snap and land someone in the legal arena, it’s time to block some ISPs?

The men who pulled the triggers – her father, Marvin Potter, 60, and a one-time suitor who pined for Jenelle’s affections, Jamie Curd, 38, have both been arrested and charged with the murders. According to folks in their Tennessee town, if you crossed the daughter, you paid for it with the father and mother.

“This Facebook thing was her whole life,” Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece said. “If you deleted her, they [Potter and her parents] started harassing you. If you ran into them in the grocery store, you had an altercation with them. It was an on-going thing with these people.” Saddest in all this (as if the patheticness of Jenelle and her parents isn’t enough), is that the 9 month son of Billie Jean and Billy Clay is now an orphan – found crying in his dead mother’s arms.


The level of attachment and importance of that website in people’s lives is on display every minute of every day.  It runs from innocent connections and fun between friends/acquaintances to the almost pathological pursuit of attention.

OK, ok, kill the word “almost.”

And I am not talking about the once-in-a-blue-moon posting of something like “Sigh.”  Although that is absolutely intended to bring the support out in droves as people assault your wall with “What’s wrong?”  “Are you ok?”  “Can I kill someone for you?”

No, I am referring to the constant posting of every imagined slight, doctor’s appointment (where apparently EVERY doctor is an idiot and EVERY nurse is a Ratchet wannabe who hates you), boyfriend/girlfriend tiff, and the constant airing of seriously soiled laundry for the masses.

Honestly –  does the world need to view the skid marks of your personal familial interactions?  There is a messaging function on Facebook whereby you can communicate about your intense hatred for a relative without involving the rest of the world, or the object of the fiery red hate.  Or keep it confined to one another’s walls.  When you take it to the News Feed, there is a term for that: PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE.

As for being friended or defriended?  If you hang your adult hat and ego on how many friends you have on your Wall then your life needs an evaluation and if your wittle feewings cannot handle a defriending with grace and forward motion, then stop soliciting gifts in Yoville and seek counselling.