Lit Paper – A Christmas Carol

Okay, so you open up the exam paper to the text you’ve studied for two years and are facing something like this.

How do you answer it? 

The answer is in the question, when you think about it.

Use the two bullet points to make up your answer. If you write two paragraphs for each bullet points and each paragraph is about half a page, then providing you use the PEED techniques found elsewhere on this website, all would be well with a perfectly written two page essay. 

Now, have a read of the text below…it’s actually called Stave 4, but never mind. AQA got that wrong!

Ideas…for planning

  1. 1. Make a list of all that Scrooge is afraid of in this extract
  2. 2. Link or four word quote to each item on your list
  3. 3. Then make a second list, maybe in a second column, about all the things that make Scrooge afraid in the story (Marley’s ghost, being rejected,  loneliness, Christmas, etc
  4. 4. Link a two word quote from the story to each
  5. Then begin writing.
  6. It is really that easy.
  7. Have a go now, using this text, even if you never did the novella in your GCSE studies.