2017 Language Paper 1 AQA

How do you answer the four questions and then write the task in Section B? The answer is to keep it simple!

Here is a sequence of video clips for you, to show you how.

The Text Insert…


Read again the first part of the source, from lines 1 to 5. List four things about Rosabel from this part of the source. [4 marks]


Look in detail at this extract, from lines 6 to 14 of the source:

Rosabel looked out of the windows; the street was blurred and misty, but light striking on the panes turned their dullness to opal and silver, and the jewellers’ shops seen through this were fairy palaces. Her feet were horribly wet, and she knew the bottom of her skirt and petticoat would be coated with black, greasy mud. There was a sickening smell of warm humanity – it seemed to be oozing out of everybody in the bus – and everybody had the same expression, sitting so still, staring in front of them. Rosabel stirred suddenly and unfastened the two top buttons of her coat… she felt almost stifled. Through her half-closed eyes, the whole row of people on the opposite seat seemed to resolve into one meaningless, staring face.

How does the writer use language here to describe Rosabel’s bus journey home? You could include the writer’s choice of:

• words and phrases

• language features and techniques

• sentence forms. [8 marks]


You now need to think about the whole of the source.

This text is from the beginning of a short story. How has the writer structured the text to interest you as a reader?

You could write about:

• what the writer focuses your attention on at the beginning of the source

• how and why the writer changes this focus as the source develops

• any other structural features that interest you. [8 marks]


Focus this part of your answer on the second part of the source, from line 19 to the end.

A student said, ‘This part of the story, set in the hat shop, shows that the red-haired girl has many advantages in life, and I think Rosabel is right to be angry.’

To what extent do you agree?

In your response, you could:

• consider your own impressions of the red-haired girl

• evaluate how the writer conveys Rosabel’s reactions to the red-haired girl

• support your response with references to the text. [20 marks]



Read the exam paper for the tasks please as it is too much for me to copy and paste. This video will explain the two choices for you.

It is really that easy!

Happy hunting in the exams…

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