Writing To Persuade – Section B

I asked a student to complete a Section B task from a past paper, in preparation for his coming exams. It was a writing to persuade piece where he had to try to encourage other college members to go green, or greener than they already are. Names have been changed to be protective so he does not get into bother.

He had to write the text for an article. I was rather impressed! I particularly love the sarcasm/humour of the first paragraph.

Make Ashford Hall Green Again

In recent years, climate change has irreversibly increased by 30%. Is there anything you could do to prevent this? Well, you could recycle this leaflet now, or you could read it all through first and then recycle it. They both sound like great ideas, but I suggest you read it all the way through first and then decide.

Did you know?

In the past 10 years, we have put 75% of all our recyclable materials into landfill; these materials could be reused as something different. For example, this leaflet is made from other recycled leaflets, recycled by people just like you to help us help the world.

30% of everything put into recycling bins are non recyclable.

Every day, thousands of plastic bags, lightbulbs and electronics are put into recycling bins, ruining the recycling process and delaying it, taking hundreds of man hours to sort through all of this non recyclable waste whereas it could take just 2 seconds for you to take a look and realise that “that Tesco’s bag doesn’t belong there!” or “This broken speaker won’t recycle” and to put it into the general waste bins.

How it works

Recycling has many different processes, one of which is the process of recycling plastic drinking bottles: after being collected and separated by colour and material via infrared beams, the bottles are then shredded and melted, before finally being flaked into small plastic pellets to be melted down again into more plastic bottles for later use.

How can I help?

Our goal is to help reduce climate change one school at a time! You could help us with this by asking your college to insert recycling bins throughout the halls.

You could help as an individual by checking through your rubbish before you put it in the bins, reuse bottles, or paper and try to fix your broken electronics instead of attempting to recycle them without thinking.

You could also help us by funding our website. For more details, please go to: http://www.ashfordhallgreeninitiative.co.uk/fundus