The Woman In Black – Monologue

Jennet Humphrys’ Monologue

I remember the first time I saw that strange young man from London. What a sorry sight he was, in his black bowler hat, long black coat and solemn look, as if he knew and had respect for my sister. The temerity of the man. The gall of such a character as he, a mere lawyer and a junior one at that. The bravado of the man for being with that horrible little man who turns away every time I arrive on the scene.

They all hate me and they have good reason to as well. Crythin Gifford has never been the same since my sister died and I have every intention of making their sorry lives a living hell. I take their babies because they took mine you see, that sister of mine and her sanctimonious husband who could not bare the scandal of an unborn baby in the family. But I put an end to the both of them. Yes, my darling sister did not die of natural causes. She was struck by my stare and went mad with grief; for the baby she stole and the sister she lost.


Along came this little man from London. If he had left me alone, all would have been well. But no, he had to meddle in my affairs and come and take what was not his; my home. No one takes my home, for it is mine, all mine! He had the temerity to live in my house, my family home. How dare he? How dare he come and disrupt my house here on the marsh? No one is allowed here. No one shall pass apart from that cart driver and only because I let him.

This little man with the wistful eyes, so scared of his own shadow he has to bring a little dog to make his time here more bearable. I showed him how unbearable I can be when vexed. Many times came and passed where the dog sensed my arrival and began to bark, but I was able to shake the little man to his foundations. He crumbled like the stones of this house are doing and could not stand the horror. Oh, the horror I subjected him to. Oh the fright I gave him. Oh the torment he underwent at my doing!

I terrified the life out of him and his little dog, who ran out into the midnight air on more than one occasion, terrified for his little life. He brings himself here to sift through my effects, to find my secrets and he expects to get away with it? I do not think so! I made the fear rise to such an effect that the poor little man from London felt he had to run away back to where the smoke and the smog resides.

I caused him to run away, scared for his life. He escaped, or so he thought. But my vengeance will be had, for he had the audacity to stare at me. No one looks in my face and does not pay the price. A child lost is something you never get over, so without the support of my family, friends or even this vile community, I now take my vengeance out on every child of those who take the time to stare at me. I will continue to have my revenge!


He had seen me, so I had to take the child, his newly born son. Am I sorry? No! Not in the least. If I cannot have my dear child with me, then he is not having his, or his young, vital wife for that matter. Both are dead now, trampled by the horse and cart I caused to bolt. I did take particular delight in eyeing up the horse and making it bolt. It was a particularly nasty of me I know, but at the end of the day, this is my revenge. This is the end that comes to those who wish to continue to view me as their spectral challenge. This is where I will rest forever in the knowledge that when you come to my house, only death and destruction will follow in your wake!


This is 700 words in length and took about 30 minutes to type using the 5 point plan mentioned on the monologues – how to do them page on this site. Have a go yourself.