Caritas Est….

A Year 10 student was asked to write an acrostic poem. His teacher gave it as a homework. No guide lines were set, so like most students, he thought “go minimalist” and just write a word for each letter of the word RELATIONSHIPS, but his home tutor [me] shook his head and waved his finger at that idea and so, helped him to understand things like enjambement, free verse poetry, as well as other stylistic devices which can all be found in his poem, below. How many can you locate?

Caritas Est…


Real love should be for
Eternity. It should be something that
Lasts and lives on in the heart as we
Adore each other. Real love happens when you
Treat your partner with respect for them
Ingenuity and uniqueness; their loving
Openness. Real love is like a sense of
Nothingness that exists. But, love can also bescreenshot-2017-02-06-at-22-15-19

Sinister, cynical and scary, something that
Hides in plain sight and seeks out its vulnerable pray as
It prepares to pounce! Real love can cause
Pain, forcing you into darkness and causing your
Stability to break down. Real love is hell!
[MK January 2017]

He created this with the only idea from me being that love can be many things and relationships are complex, sometimes showing good and bad in us all. Love is never perfect, so I hinted at him to put the “But” in the middle, but apart from that, it is all his work and I am so proud of him.

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Deadline = Last day of February 2017