Writing To Describe – A Student Response

With a little bit of care, a good GCSE student can write something really good. The task was set for this young man to write a descriptive piece about somewhere he knows well. He chose to write about the place he lives.

This is his response, similar to the other on this site from a Year 8 student. Enjoy this Year 10 response [permission has been given to share this – well done that man].


The small, quaint little village of Hutton Rudby is an empty, quiet and scenic village in the Hambleton district of North Yorkshire. In Spring it is bright, colourful and idyllic because of the different colours that are on show for all to view. The yellow of the sunflowers lining the garden edges, stand tall like soldiers on their way to war. The effect this has is that anyone passing turns their heads and stares at their beauty. The sun beats down through the French doors of the large, spacious and extravagant houses, but the one problem is that all the houses in the village are of standard construction.

However, these red brick houses glow in the sunshine of Spring. The flowers start blooming as the chicks start singing in the village green. The sound of the chicks brings joy to the early walkers on their morning wander. As they walk they can hear the sounds of Spring, the lambs bleating in the fields and they can hear the magnificent “Moos” emerging from the mouths of the cows in the nearby field. The effect is one of peacefulness in the heart of those watching.

In Spring everything looks to be green; it shows the freshness in the air in this rural village. The pubs are bustling with excitement as people celebrate the coming of warmer weather that leads to summer. There are three pubs in the village, far too many for a small population of 1572. The Black Bull hosts the ‘scruffs’ of the village, whereas the Cross Keys is where those with higher incomes spend their Friday nights. During Spring, the human senses are overwhelmed with a sensation of wonder.

On the other hand, in Autumn, the once green leaves have turned to a variety of browns and reds, due to the shorter and darker days, which means the chlorophyll cannot absorb sunlight for photosynthesis to happen, so the leaves drop off the trees and crispen and crunch as you walk across them in the heavy, but warm clothes from the depth of the wardrobe.

The weather changes from warm and sunny to cold and wet as Autumn proceeds past the colourful fireworks of early November. You can see the glee in the faces of the children as the Guy Fawkes scarecrow is burnt in the bonfire that congregates the majority of the village. The smells of the fire that cling to the clothes of the children and adults feasting on the barbecued food is mouth wateringly tasteful as the food is devoured in seconds.

The nights in the Autumnal season are dark but bright with the stars shining down on the village as the citizens settle down for the night with the odd child gazing at the depths of space through their telescope, looking for Jupiter or Orion’s belt. As is the case at this time of year, the next thing to do is turn on the heating preparing for the cold winter months that roll through to February when Hutton Rudby comes back to life.