Claire Francis – Exam Question

Here is a student example of work in answer to the AQA set recently about Claire Francis. Enjoy. Can you do better?

Throughout the text Claire Francis’ feelings and thoughts are continuously changing, a bit like the sea on which she sails. To begin with there is a strong feeling of misery as when she looks for clean dry clothes every time she puts her hand in “a locker it came out wet.” No one likes wearing wet clothes and if you do it just makes you cold, miserable and puts you in a foul mood for the rest of the day.

Although she remains a bit down a sense of surprise comes over here as she is amazed at how the boat can withstand such a battering from the sea and weather. As the boat is constantly under stress as the “terrible juddering crash as the bow hits the water,” which would not just make Francis surprised at how strong the boat is but it would make anyone wonder. As well as a sense of surprise it feels like she also has a sense of panic and fear inside her as she lays there on her bunk “in a state of mental paralysis.” She is trying not to allow the thoughts of the worst case scenario to enter her mind.

Although she tries not to let negative thoughts enter her mind she lets positive one in and hopes for the best, as she “allowed [herself] to become excited at the sight of clear sky ahead.” This shows she has a positive mind set and always hopes for the best at the worst of times. Even though she hopes for the best the worst still appears because to her dismay “the wind blew as strongly as ever.” This shows that anything like this can ruin your day and possibly the whole trip, unless her dreams of bright, clear blues skies were to come true.