Not Just Any Old Burger Flipper

I asked a student to copy the style of the piece of work I did here in this blog and to write about his best and worst meal, based on his experience to date. What follows is his work. Note as well that he is still only 15 years old at the time of writing and it follows the rules for typing, not hand writing an exam answer out.

The Best And The Worst Meal

The nastiest meal ever does not have to be the worst tasting! It could be the greatest tasting thing on the planet, but just cooked desperately badly. This was the case with those gravely cooked beef burgers from the home of terrible cooking itself, Burger King.

Not only was it the home of the supposed burger “King,” itself a euphemism for downright, foul tasting, venomous food, but also it was the home to the worst chefs in the world! Chefs? A chef is a trained animal. These morons cannot have been trained in anything but the culinary arts of the Demon worshipper!

It was not so much the taste of chewing on a half used rubber that put me off, but the fact that it was that cold, they might as well have just served me one straight out of the depths of their endless, bottomless freezers. Although the burger was cold, the Coke was warm.

I wished it was the other way around!

There was no sizzling sensation as the juices poured out of the meat. There was no char-grilled marks on the thing to suggest a cooked piece of cow. It simply looked like a stone slab that had been painted. To touch the thing with a fork was out of the question. It may have just got up and bit me back! Oh, and the smell, well there was not any!

But it was just like someone had had it sitting on the window sill all day, letting the carbon dioxide just bubble on out. What can I say though? Even though it was the worst cooked, synthetic and distasteful meal I had ever eaten, at least I can give them a golden star for filling a hole in my stomach.

It was by far the worst experience in my eating life to date, but the best one simply walked all over it because of how beautiful it was and because it was cooked by chefs who knew what they were doing for a living! There is probably not a name for this beast, but it is the best tasting piece of food I have ever consumed.

My family and I had taken a holiday to the steamy, tropical island of Madeira, and although it was only 15 kilometres in length, it was home to more chefs who knew how to cook than the whole of the USA.  There were several versions of pasta on offer to devour, each of them having their own unique properties.

The feel and sight of the oils of the fish as I picked them up and placed them on my mound of already gathered, classic, Madeiran pasta, was just so beautiful to see. Alongside lay a freshly grilled lamb chop with the juices still oozing out and the sounds of the grill it had just left were sizzling behind me as I carried on walking and continued to devour the rest of this tropical cuisine.

There was no food there that lacked in flavour, beauty or elegance. It was simple yet very effective at filling the body with energy and this was probably done using no sugar, which was a change. The way that every time I went back to fill my plate, new platters of fresh, new and even alien like foods were there, ready for me to devour them.

The food there was clearly cooked by well qualified chefs who had been trained and were dedicated to their profession; not just any old burger flipper with a GCSE or two.

The main and most fascinating part of the meal had to be the sweet. All the bright, tropical colours of the traditional fruit salad, the sweet tasting Walnut Mousse and most of all, the classic Brownie and Ice Cream. The way that everything could be eaten one after another and still tasted magnificent was truly amazing.

For those reasons and many more, such as the setting and weather, that meal has to be put up at Number One on the chart of my best meals.

Matt Barber
Y11 GCSE English