A Burdened Soul…….My Tribute To A King

A Burdened Soul

I have lain here for some time in life’s perpetual earth,
Silently ruminating over the possibilities that might have been;
A Royal Kingdom united, babes cherished and adored,
A life dedicated to the majesty and the glory of God.
But what the intervening years display is a criminal, a man
Who you think was led to acts of cruelty, in times of old.
But is that the real King? Is that all that your eyes behold
As you file by in slow and sombre mood to pay your respects?
Is all you see here the remnant of a once noble and powerful man,
Or do you see the remains of a soul in torment for so long,
A burdened soul seeking to be set free at the last day?
I see you looking on and I see your grief for me,
But do not weep; mourn not for me in this rendezvous of man.
Where death leads to life; instead, remember the nature of man
And see that my all my hope indeed, lies in the God of heaven.
I now lay in state, for all to pay homage but that is not what I want;
All I desire is that you see me and consider the value of life.