In Honour of Imtiaz – My Own Creation

I am sorry, but I had to…..

The Right Word [in honour of Imtiaz Dharker]

Outside the door,
Lurking in the shadows,
Is a maniacal Moggie.

Is that the right way to describe him?
Outside the door,
taking his shelter in the shadows,
Is a mad puss cat.

I cannot have this right.
Outside, waiting for me to shout,
Is a lonely, shivering cat.

Are the words we use merely a tool
To label and to besmirch?
Outside your door,
Watchfully waiting for you to arrive,
Is a symbol of love personified.

God help me, but I need to say it;
Outside, defying every shadow he can,
Stands a magnificent, feline, fur ball.
I can see his face.

There are no words for me now.
Just outside the door,
Lost in the shadows of your garden,
Is a feline who looks just like mine.

One word for you.
Outside my door,
His paws outstretched in affection,
His eyes twinkling in the moonlight,
Is a companion that will love you.

I open the door.
Come in I say.
Come in and love us.

Gus the Puss steps in
And carefully, at my door,
Washes his paws contentedly.

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