Meeting Seamus

Analyse this…..if you can.


It was one of those moments
That you cherish in life;
A memory that can never fade,
An event of complete magnitude
That will remain with me for all time.
I was nervous, excited and drinking rapidly
As he entered through the door
Into my world of dreams and thought.
I had read about the man.
I had read some of his poetry
And yet, as I stood drinking,
Our eyes met across a crowded hall.
My glass stopped, half in and half out
Of my trembling mouth,
As the recognition occurred.
He did not know me, but I knew him
Above any other person in the room.
As our eyes met, it was electrifying;
Like one of those special moments
Between two people attracted to each other.
My attraction was one of sheer admiration
For a man who I had never met.
A shiver shot down my spine as I looked;
Eyebrows raising in an arc of surprise
As eye met eye and soul met soul.
For a moment, he nodded in my direction;
A greeting from one Celt to another.
It was a moment I will never forget!
Two years on, the memory still remains
Of that eventful evening in London.
As memories come and go,
This one never seems to fade,
Never wanes or dissipates; is always strong.
It shines like a beacon in my heart,
The memory of meeting Seamus.