Untitled + Analysis


I am but a line of script
In an electronic sky
A scream in a cyber wilderness
Lines on a screen
I have no feelings
I have no existence
Just lines of script
To amuse or annoy
Or destroy
Merely an electronic toy
To pass the time between
Breakfast and bed

Ron Groves

A friend of mine wrote this poem and it is one that has not been published until now. I asked his permission to share it here because I think it is brilliant. I think he has a gift in this world of word art and should continue this further. Here is my analysis of the poem, as an example to you all that it does not matter what the poem in front of you; an analysis can and indeed should, be written. Try it with one of your own poems, for that is an A Level activity, to write a commentary on your own writing.


In essence, this free verse poem says a lot about feelings and emotions that exist in us all from time to time. In his poem, the poet describes himself, if indeed he is describing self, as “a line of script” which is an interesting use of language, personifying the line of script and giving it life as an immediate negative start that is meant to continue throughout the rest of the poem. This immediate beginning is intentional so as to share the negative emotions felt and experienced.

This “line of script “ is something that has to exist somewhere and this one exists in “an electronic sky,” like the birds of the air who have their freedom, but in this case, one that is tied down by the boundaries that are set in place by the “electronic sky,” or the internet based life that we lead nowadays. When put together, the first and second lines emerge to show a person who feels trapped in an endless game of shadows between the harshness and rigidity of lines on paper; black and white and somewhat straightforward which represent the realms of the cyber world we live in.

The use of the word “scream” in line three is one that adds to the negativity felt by the poet as he comes to terms with the pressures faced upon him. To scream suggests angst and the sort that lies in desperation, but to then turn it from a noun to a verb with the addition of “in a cyber-wilderness” allows the reader to see the widespread wilderness that is the internet, with all its cyber bullying and hatred between one person or thing and another.

The reader then gets to share in these negative emotions as the poet shares that he feels like “lines on a screen,” having “no feelings” at all but bad ones to share with the world in the form of social media. There are no feelings, just an “existence,” that makes living intolerable and so he copes by adding “lines of script” that are meant solely to “amuse” or “annoy” those who would be his masters or bullies. Such people “destroy” the soul, they make life unbearable and they do so using the one thing that is meant to amuse; social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. One hears so many tales of people who have been cyber bullied, so this in essence, now becomes a battle cry against such villainous individuals.

The “electronic toy” that is used for such things becomes transposed and transformed into the human being when these things happen, resulting in turmoil and sensations of despair for those who are so ill-treated. This then, is a very well written and powerful poem, akin to any penned by Simon Armitage or Carol Ann Duffy and one that shows the ill effects of this cyber world that we live in. It is a cry from the heart, but it is also a warning to us all of the cyber dangers we face each day.