Typical Exam Task – Section B

As we head towards June 3rd this year, and the exam in English, assuming you are doing the AQA 4700 course of course, I am reminded of some of the tasks that the exam sets and so here is one for you to consider.

Just how much could you write in 35 minutes, which is the time allowed? They specify a page, but I say if you can do more, then be prepared to do so. An example of one of these scripts is to be found on this blog.

Have a go at this in your own time and see. Make sure you knock up a 2 minutes spider diagram beforehand. You can do this in the exam booklet to keep you on task.

TASK: Your school or college has set up its own radio station. Write the script for a short radio broadcast informing students about a good place to visit in your area.

Remember to:

 write a script

 use language to inform.

Try to write approximately one side of your A4 answer booklet.                      (16 marks)