Woman in Black Essay

What would you put in an essay that is entitled:

Explore the ways fear is presented in The Woman in Black, with reference to the chapter “In The Nursery.”

Here is a comprehension to help you with the midsection of your essay. Follow the instructions after you have copied and pasted it into a Word document.




In chapter 9 of Susan Hill’s novella, Kipps hears a sudden sound coming from the room at the end of the passage upstairs in Eel Marsh House. He is alerted to it by his companion, the dog, Spider. Up until that point, he is calm, sorting through Mrs Drablow’s papers and relics. But at this point, the dog becomes nervous, which in turn, makes Kipps nervous, as he goes to investigate the strange bumping noise, like the sound of a ball being bounced on the floor. There is only Kipps and the dog in the house so the noise is unexplainable.

Task: Using all the quotes from chapter 9 below, write a PEE chain for each one, adding as much in the explanation as you possibly can. Develop each quote into a paragraph of its own.

“Every hair on her [the dog] body was on end, her ears were pricked, her tail erect, the whole of her tense, as if ready to spring.” [page 131] 

“I was shaken and my heart beat uncomfortably fast within me.” [page 132] 

“My throat felt constricted and dry and I had begun to shiver.” [page 133] 

“I put my hand on the door handle, hesitated as I felt my heart again begin to rise.” [page 135] 

“Then my nerve began to falter a little and I decided I might pack up and return to the comfort of the town.” [page 137] 

“I looked up suddenly, startled into the present by a noise.” [page 140]

“I stood, hideously afraid straining into the murky, misty distance with my ears, to try and detect any difference…” [page 141] 

“My whole body was trembling, my mouth dry, the palms of my hands sore…”  [page 142]

I was more distressed than I could bear. I stood shivering, cold from the mist and the night wind.” [page 143]

“My fear reached a new height, until for a minute I thought I would die of it, was dying, for I could not conceive of a man’s being able to endure such shocks….” [page 144]