A Student’s Work

I love it when students go for it and have a stab at doing something themselves. Here is an example. We are looking at pathetic fallacy and foreshadowing at the moment in Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black. I challenged them to write a 500 [ish] word ghost story. If you can do any better then add it here…I dare you!


The House in the Haunted Wood 

It was a cold stormy night, the angry weather bombarding the windows of the big empty old house I had just bought. I had seen this house some years ago whilst on a hike and decided it ever came up for sale I should buy it. It was of the grandest stature in a spectacular gothic style with big tall windows; dimly lit rooms with high ceilings that had an eerie feel to them. The events of the next few days in that house will live with me for the rest of my life.

The following day I was exploring the grounds of my new property, accompanied by my dog, Bob. The weather was now calm and there was a little winter sunshine. The land the house sat on was a couple of acres; this was then surrounded by thick woodland and a small lake. As we left the house and wandered into the wood I could tell Bob was on the scent of something, as we walked further Bob’s ears pricked up as if he was homing in on something.

Eventually Bob stopped; as I walked over I could see it was just a dead rabbit. Just then something caught my eye; it was like a swirling mist which shot by me. It was not your normal mist as it moved at speed, as it did Bob and I froze. I decided we should head back to the house.

I was sat in the drawing room having a cup of tea; I glanced out of the window and saw a woman standing in the garden. I stepped outside to talk to her but she was gone. I walked back towards the house and the front door slammed shut, I tried to open it but it seemed to be stuck. I entered the house through the back door and then went to investigate why the other door would not open, but to my horror, when I got to the door it was wide open. I had tea with my family and did some reading before bed in order to calm down.

Later, I was laid in bed beside my wife and something seemed to wake me; I looked at the clock and it was 2am. I could hear voices but not make out what they were saying so I walked out into the corridor and saw the woman from earlier stood at the top of the stairs; I froze and could not move for about five minutes. My wife came out of the bedroom and asked what I was doing. I pointed to the top of the stairs and looked round, but the mysterious woman was gone. My wife was a little dismissive of the whole affair and told me to come to bed.

Later the following day, my wife and daughter had been out in the car to the local village to get some supplies. I could hear the car in the distance as it approached. Then I saw the woman again, she was standing in the middle of the road. As the car approached it swerved to try and avoid the woman, the car plunged down a ditch and hit a tree. The woman had disappeared. I ran over to the car but before I could get there it exploded. My wife and daughter did not make it out of the car.