Unlocking a Poem – WJEC Board Style

When writing about a poem it is best to follow a structure. Below are some numbered guidelines for you to follow, which are as follows:

1. Content. What is the poem about? Does it have one person speaking or possibly a character [or two]? From whose point of view is it written?

2. Themes. What are the themes of the poem? By looking at this, you are expected to make comments about a theme and the style of writing used, using any knowledge of stylistic devices [similes etc] that you have.

3. Ideas. You are to write about the ideas that you think the poet is trying to get us to think about as readers. Use quotes here to prove your point.

4. Words and phrases. Pick out a number [possibly three???] of key words and phrases that you think are particularly effective or good [sad, emotional, grim etc] and state why you like them and the effect they have on you as a reader of the poem. 

5. Your response. At the end, you are asked to write your response to the poem. You do not have to like the poem to be able to write about it. If you can understand the poem, then write about it, but do it in detail.