Key moments in the story of Jennet Humfrye

• The teenage Jennet discovers that she is pregnant

• Jennet’s old-fashioned parents react badly

• Jennet is sent to live away from her family and away from the boy who got her pregnant

• Jennet receives a letter, telling her that the child is to be adopted. She has no say in the matter

• The child is born and taken away from her. She can’t stand to be without him. The child, Nathanial, is adopted by Jennet’s older married sister Alice

• Jennet runs away to be with the child, renting a poky one-roomed flat to be near to him

• Jennet threatens violence when her sister will not allow her to see her child

• Eventually, Jennet is allowed to visit occasionally, but she is not allowed to see him alone or to say who she really is

• Nathanial turns out to look like Jennet and the bond between them grows

• Nathanial begins to act increasingly coldly towards Alice

• Jennet begins to make plans to steal the boy away to live with her

• A fatal accident occurs in which the child is killed. Jennet watches the accident but is Unable to do anything to prevent it.